How to permanently delete Facebook Account

Contrary to popular belief that you can’t delete your facebook account and can only deactivate it, you can actually DELETE Facebook account permanently.

In this post you’ll learn how to permanently delete your facebook account.

Before we proceed to the actual step to permanently delete your facebook account, please bear this in mind:

  1. you will lose your facebook account permanently
  2. once you submit delete request, don’t login to facebook for atleast 14 days.
  3. this means no logins via facebook connect etc too. So simply clear your browser cache to avoid any accidental renewal of session and cookies in case some site stored your data. And wait for 15 days just to let it happen, instead of messing up on last day of permanent deletion of facebook account.
  4. make sure you really want to delete your facebook account permamently forever before continuing

How to Permanently delete facebook account

Simply goto the following page and click submit, follow the onscreen instructions and remember, don’t login to your account in 14 days.

Delete facebook account permanently by going to:

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