Under water Internet Cables crippled near mediterranean

Do you know there is a huge bunch of cables which runs under the see all the way from Asia and middle east to the Europe? Well there is! This main channel got crippled last week of April 2010.

One of the underwater cables connecting Asia and Middle east got crippled due to a shunt fault last week causing limited internet connectivity to and from Middle east and Asia including Pakistan and India.

The incident occurred when the main SeaMeWe-4 cable came in contact with the sea water in the Mediterranean region. Due to the fault in the SeaMeWe-4 cable, the communication was shifted to either satellite, land based networks and some to the older cables such as SeaMeWe-3 and FLAG Europe-Asia cables to continue the internet connectivity.

SeaMeWe-4 is a 20,000 km long cable (South East Asia – Middle East – West Europe – 4) connecting Europe and Egypt. This underwater internet cable was a joint initiative to bring all the eastern areas up to the speed with the rest of the world and to increase the internet connectivity and communications.

A repair ship had already been deployed to the site and will be fixing it in a couple of days probably.

The under water cable problems are not new. There are many incidences from time to time. Almost 55 such incidences were reported in last year 2009.

2 comments on “Under water Internet Cables crippled near mediterranean

  1. Yeah! In Bahrain i’m also facing this problem when i tried to talk with customer care agent there was a recording stating that if you are facing such kind of problem, it will be solve with in next 2 working days be patient ;)

    1. One of my friend called ptcl about it and they said “we are moving servers that’s why we are having this problem” … Moving servers give slow internet? or NO internet?

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