Remove Facebook Virus posting Nude videos on wall

There are various viruses on Facebook these days. One of them is the one that posts nude and porn videos on your and your friends walls.

Facebook Virus posting nude videos on friends wall

The irritating virus on facebook posts naked and probably porn videos on your facebook wall, or even worse, your friends facebook profile timeline too, giving a weird embarrassment to you!

How is facebook nude pictures and videos virus spread?

The virus spreads and works by mainly two ways:

  • Posting via javascript or any malpractice which usual users can’t predict unless they’re expert in computers and internet, spoofing them and posting weird things on their facebook wall or even on their friends
  • Through crappy browser plugins (chrome plugins, firefox plugins, opera plugins etc, like a youtube premium plugin)
  • The virus application may become approved application on your facebook account and may have acquired posting right on your behalf on your facebook profile!

How to stop posting of nude videos on facebook through virus

As we just read, the main ways through which the virus posts on your and your friends facebook timeline is by plugins and browser extensions or by spoofing and making you click on them.

So to avoid and stop those virus scripts from embarrassing you and posting on your facebook profile and your friends too, without your wish, do this:

Don’t click on anything nude or fishy on facebook


No matter how appealing, erotic or appealing the image or video or post appears, if it’s something fishy or sexual, don’t click on it at all! control your emotions!

If you’ll click on it, it will initiate one of the ways by which the hacker or the virus would be able to post on facebook on your behalf and thus can post on your facebook wall or on your friends too. It can sometimes even tag your friends and make it more embarrassing!

Make sure you don’t facebook like any such item on their own website too, just avoid it everywhere!

Remove all unknown browser extensions

First of all, don’t install any unknown browser extension uselessly. Never install any extension on chrome browser or plugin on firefox, etc. if you don’t know what it does and aren’t sure if it’s trusted or not.

However once you’ve acquired the virus and suspect that it’s because of any of those extensions, simply remove all of them. First remove the ones that are useless and you think they might be responsible for the virus and nude pictures or porn videos being posted on facebook through your profile. If the problem still persists, remove all extensions and plugins and then restart your browser.

Remove and check permissions for all allowed apps on facebook account

Goto facebook account settings and check for the approved apps and check if there’s any fishy one. Also remove the posting rights from any apps that you don’t need to be doing so exclusively!

Follow these steps to remove facebook virus posting on your profile and friends timeline, let me know if the issue still persists and it’s still posting objectionable content on your facebook profile!

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  1. Dear FB friends please note that some sort of virus has entered in my FB page and I am not sharing any virus link

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