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Facebook disabling accounts

Facebook started off as a great social media website almost a decade ago, but now it’s getting painful and irritating due to this id verification and account disabling issues.

Facebook is very actively disabling the accounts and asking for verification these days.

Why is account disabling wrong?

Disabling a fake or inappropriate account can be justified, but in the current scenario. But the issue is something else.

The issue is the non standard and undisclosed way of doing that. There is no published criteria that when and why are id’s disabled and asked for verification. What one does from the id that they need to verify their ids, that too via government id! Seriously?

This had really freaked me out! No my id haven’t been disabled (till now at least), however I’m looking forward to that day when it would all be gone!


Why does facebook disable an account?

If you go through the topic online, you’ll find answers like:

  • if you spam then your facebook id gets disabled
  • if you use fake identity or fake name then facebook may ask you for verification and disable the account too
  • if you violate terms and policies of facebook

Now seriously, this is irritating! Yes spammer should get account “limited”, not disabled, he may not be allowed to send any further messages or so, but disabling? seriously?

Similarly, if you’re using fake identity, it simply means you don’t trust facebook enough to reveal your real name, then why would you trust them to show them your real government issued id even? come on!

violate terms and service? well that’s a very very broad horizon! You can ban anyone and say that they violated the policies or terms.

What’s the solution?

Solution probably seems to be moving away from facebook now. Why would a social networking site be interested in asking for our government issued id? Seriously why? Lets raise the voice and either move away from facebook or else simply stop using it what so ever!

Facebook should introduce something like “verified” and “unverified” ids written or marked in some way on people’s profiles, but it shouldn’t block any id just because they chose not to provide them with government issued document that they would sell like other info of ours to God knows who!

Now I understand that facebook is a free and private website entity and have a right to do whatever they want, the users can simply stop using them if they’re not satisfied, and probably that’s what we’re going to do now!

3 Responses to Facebook disabling accounts

  1. Navid

    Open me my new facebook id

  2. Tanu

    Thanks for your valuable post.

  3. Larka Handosme

    repair my id

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