Avoid haram income online

Just because someone is doing something that’s haram, doesn’t make it halal.

This issue isn’t a light one. It’s a very serious issue and can either make or break your life, not only in this world but also in the world after. So please my brothers take it seriously and make some effort to keep your earnings clean and halal.

Although it’s not possible to keep everything clean in various settings, but the mindset to keep the earning clean and halal as much as possible is necessary, so that the effort can be made to implement the plan we make to keep our earnings halal.

Earning from various sources which are haram imho include:

  • ads or affiliate related to:
    • porn
    • dating and related stuff
    • gambling
    • music
    • modeling
    • interest based stuff
    • magic
  • sales and products that are:
    • related to any of the above list
    • showing something else and selling something different
    • drop shipping (of some types)
  • spoofing or faking

Or anything else too.


Some may argue “then what should we earn from”, well that’s not the justification to go for haram at all. There’s a lot that can be done for halal income, even if it’s harder and haram is easier, that’s not at all justified to go for haram income at all.

Some may even find some of the items in the list to be halal, or any other items that one says haram may be halal in someone elses view. In that case, the best thing is to ask the “AALIM OR YOUR CHOICE”. Not mine, not someone elses, but the mufti of your own personal choice, and ask your favorite aalim regarding the issue and earning source and then follow his advice.

Tip for adsense and other ads, go to adsense settings and block the ads related to haram categories by simply viewing them.

First of all, make sure that the niche you’re using is halal too. Having a haram niche and then expecting halal ads on it is not sane! Even if there are halal ads, the income through it is not halal imho as the traffic or the client is there due to haram stuff, haram is the part of process in your earning, so it’s not halal imho.

May Allah help us all keep our earning Halal and help us avoid spoofing and giving wrong stuff to humanity.

Please share your view regarding the emerging issue of being careless regarding haram or halal while earning online and any tips to enhance halal income and avoid haram ones.

4 comments on “Avoid haram income online

  1. bookmarked. I really appreciate your effort.

    ALLAH PAK aap ko, mjhy, hum sab ko Hidayat dain.
    ALLAH PAK aap ki Halal ki rozi main barkat dain.

  2. Well said, Nabtron [can’t find your name anywhere here :)]

    A lot of new comers to this field are usually morally bankrupted by some so-called mentors and gurus. Driving them to the path of immorality. The creator has your reward with him for this lovely blogpost.

    Keep writing awesome content. I will usually pass-by and drop a comment on your blog.

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