Delete shared links / videos from Facebook Wall

Couple of years back I wrote a post about how to remove a link or video from your facebook wall. That method is now deprecated however as facebook has evolved alot now. So lets see whats the new methos to find and then delete the shared links and videos from your facebook profile.

Facebook allows the users to post links, photos and videos on their timeline and they can be easily removed too. They can either be uploaded directly to the facebook server, shared from other websites or simply shared from other users profiles. The problem with this sharing is that sometimes it becomes hard to find and manage what you shared and if you think it wasn’t supposed to be there.

Delete shared links / videos from Facebook Wall

In this post we will discuss how to find your shared content (photos, links, videos, etc) easily in an organized way and then delete anything you want out of them.

1. Login to your Facebook account

Goto and login to your facebook account to goto your homepage.

2. Goto Activity Log of your facebook profile

Thats right, facebook keeps a log of your activities on your account! Well we shall discuss the conspiracy theories some other day though, lets just focus on hiding (not removing imho as facebook would never let your record go away for their “purposes”) the post which you shared.

So on top right corner of your facebook profile click on the arrow which you use to see the drop down that lets you select the logout button. In that drop down, instead of logging out, click “activity log”.

Delete shared links : videos from Facebook Wall

This will take you to the activity log section of your facebook profile.

3. On Activity Log page

While you’re on the activity log page, you will see all your activities on facebook (yes those ones too! 0_o) in a descending order by date and time which means the latest ones will be first then the previous one and so on.

If you can find your post which you need to hide or delete / remove from your facebook profile or your wall you can simply remove it. But if you can’t find it you can either select the time from the time selection or else chose the category of the post from the left column. (You might need to click “more” to see videos and various other types of facebook posts.

Delete shared links videos from Facebook Wall

Upon clicking more it will show the list of items to chose from which include videos, news, games, etc.

Delete shared links videos from Facebook Wall more


Chose videos from the left column if you want to remove videos you shared and then you’ll be shown the list of items you shared under that category on your facebook wall.

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