PTCL 4mbps Feedback – trial ends

Ptcl is ending its free 4mbps upgrade from 2mbps package and is now asking for feedbacks from the customers.

While browsing, the page might change to ptcl feedback page asking you to give your choice about continuing with 4mbps or shift back to the 2mbps connection speed.

If you chose to continue with the 4mbps connection speed then you will get it for free as upgrade of 2mbps for 1 more month and then it will start charging you at the normal price for 4mbps connection.

ptcl 4mbps feedback

Well btw, the issue with this page is that it pops up randomly. It appeared yesterday and I clicked “NO” and wanted to go back to my 2mbps connection speed as I don’t need 4mbps speed for any specific reason on this connection, however ptcl asked me again ! sigh! ?

Is it that their system is not upto the mark and is mismanaged? or is it that they will keep sending it again and again until someone accidentally clicks “yes” and they start charging them?

Are you getting this ptcl feedback form too while browsing? what’s your choice? to upgrade or to remain with the same connection?

BTW ptcl broadband has improved alot, specially after being privatized and the connections on fibre optic wires.

Update:¬†upon clicking no again on the form, it took me to the next page saying error and that I’ve submitted this already! dude, then don’t send me the form again and again if you don’t want me to submit it !

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  1. the most fu**** up internet in the history of pakistan….highly not recommended worst internet continuous disconnects lost my fu***** match because of these fu******* -_-

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