How to block Facebook Id

So that weird Facebook profile is disturbing you and you want to know how to block facebook id of that person? Well it’s a fairly simple and straight forward process.

How to block Facebook Id of someone

1. To block someones facebook id, login to your facebook account from which you want to block your friends id (or enemies!)

2. goto the persons profile who is disturbing you. You can either search for their name from the search bar above, or click on their name on the facebook wall in comments (if they’re commenting somehwere) or in messages (if they’re chatting with you or sending inbox messages)

3. Once on that persons profile, find the three dots next to “message” button to see few options

block facebook id of someone

4. Clicking on the block button will open a popup, asking you to confirm that you really want to block facebook id of this person, click confirm if you want to continue and really want to block facebook profile of this friend (or enemy) of yours!

block facebook profile

5. Another popup will appear telling you that now you have successfully blocked facebook id of this person. You can simply click “ok” on this popup and you’re good to go!

6. Upon clicking “ok” in the previous step, facebook will redirect you to the same page (the facebook profile page which you just blocked) but this time it will show not found error. This is because you’ve just blocked this facebook id and you can’t see it anymore.

Once you block someone on facebook, both of you can’t view each other anymore unless the person who blocks (i.e you in this case) unblocks the other person. So no more messages, no more pokes, no more annoying anything! purely getting rid of that profile by simply blocking facebook id of that person!

Btw there is no gurantee that this person will not disturb you by making another facebook profile (a fake profile ofcourse), but you can keep blocking the future fake facebook ids of that person too, as the process is very simple to block them!

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