How to check screen resolutions of visitors using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool, enough to get you’re lost in it! Screen resolution of your website visitors is one of the metrics of google analytics through which you can see screen resolutions people use to visit your website.

Now how can this information be important? well most of all it tells you the resolution which maximum visitors of your website have so that you can optimize your website design according to that screen resolution.

See screen resolutions people use to visit your website/blog

1. Login to Google Analytics account – ofcourse you need to have a google analytics account and your website using their analytics code to gather visitors data installed on it.

2. chose the website for which you want to see the google analytics data

check screen resolution visitors analytics

3. once the website visitors data is loaded, we will move on to the left side menu.

4. click: Audience > Technology > Browser & OS, this will load the browser and operating system related data.

check screen resolution visitors google analytics

5. On that page, just below the graph and above the table displaying data, you will see a list of “Primary dimensions”, click “screen resolution” in it.

check screen size visitors analytics

6. Done, now you’re viewing google analytics data related to visitors screen resolution on your website or blog.

You can use this data to understand the trend of visitors visiting your website. Their screen resolution, screen sizes and other metrics also!

From this menu you can not only check screen resolutions, but also screen colors, flash version of your visitors too, so that you can chose the technologies appropriately which you want to use on your website. You can check the browsers your maximum users are using to access your site too so that you can optimize your website for that browser on priority and then focus on other things!

Making your website responsive is not just about desktop and mobile devices, iphone, ipads, etc, responsiveness has a lot of work between different screen resolutions, so make sure your website design is responsive enough and adjusts up to your requirements on the most popular screen resolutions which your visitors use to access your website!

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