List of Banned Websites in Pakistan on 20th May 2010

Various websites has been banned in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently on 19th and 20th May 2010 for the undefined period of time until further notice. they include:

  1. – for anti Islam videos and videos breaking their own Term of Service
  2. – for letting Everyone Draw Muhammad Day! event to be public – breaching their own TOS
  3. – The cartoonist Molly Norris responsible for Facebook event (she denies and apologizes now)
  5. – Wikipedia is resumed back to normal now on 22nd May 2010
  6. (only English version of the mobile optimized Wikipedia)
  7. – proxy website
  8. – proxy site
  9. – proxy related website
  10. – video sharing website

Not confirm:


If you have list of websites which are blocked in Pakistan recently, please add them to this list via comments.

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36 comments on “List of Banned Websites in Pakistan on 20th May 2010

    1. Thanks for the list, although i checked, not all the sites are blocked. can you please confirm that they are all blocked at your side? and where did you get this list from?

    1. Sarim, i was told by a friend yesterday too that wikipedia and flickr are blocked, but wikipedia is still accessible at my side(Islamabad, Pakistan), however flickr was working yesterday but not now.

      Anyway thanks for the update. I have updated the banned websites of Pakistan list with the websites that you mentioned.

        1. Sarim not only thanks for helping me update this list, but really thanks for notifying as I was pretty much hopeless as had to read few articles from wikipedia and a friend of mine needed some research stuff too! :)

  1. There are millions of proxy websites available. Just google proxy site and you will know.
    F**K the Government.

  2. Ahhhh I’m not in your situation :):) but i would like to give you the way from where you will access redistricted websites. Download hotspot shield in your computer and connect it using its feature and you are ONNNNNNN!!!!!


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