Youtube Un-Banned in Pakistan

Today’s fresh morning bought a smile and relief on many face of people of Pakistan when youtube was unbanned in the country (confirmed by me in Islamabad, today on 27th May 2010 – 0600 Pakistan Standard Time.

There has been reports from various users from other cities about youtube being unbanned or accessible on 24th May oyoutube unbanned in pakistanr so too.

Youtube was banned on 19th May 2010 by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority along with other websites like facebook, wikipedia, metacafe, etc due to inappropriate material and stuff that directly hits many people’s religious and cultural beliefs.

However, it seems that wikipedia, youtube (Google) and some other websites have shown very good and professional attitude by answering the call of the Muslim countries who banned them and now they have been restored.

However Facebook refused to remove the material from their website, rather protected it, until facebook was hacked by Ali and Usman (link not working: ), Lahore, Pakistani Hackers currently living in Italy. Due to their irresponsible and immature attitude they were banned in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudia Arabia, along with boycott from the Muslims all over the world. The ban on Facebook is still active.

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