Dreamweaver (CS4) Errors

Today i was working on a wordpress based website where i had to do some code modification specific to the project (it was to be a directory listing website) Well I was using dreamweaver to code the plugin.

While coding i noticed a funny (yet errornous) thing in the dreamweaver.

Check this out: (and the image below it too, and then the explaination)

 if(is_home()) {
	 echo "home! yuppie!";
	 echo ":(";
			 It started typing from here!

Checkout the images below to understand what i mean:

dreamweaver errors

Now check this one:

Still don’t get it? well on line 14 i have the sad face smiley and you can see it has a ‘(‘ sign in it. But when i pressed enter to goto the next line to code, instead of starting from the point where it should ideally go, it started just below the bracket!

And yeah! it’s definitely an error!

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