Display SKU on product page – OpenCart 3.0.2

This post explains how you can display SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of a product on the frontend of product page in OpenCart 3.0.2.

We will be doing this through an ocmod modification that I coded.

OCMOD to show OpenCart SKU on product page

You can download the OCMOD from:

Github: https://github.com/nabtron/opencart-ocmod-sku-product

Download the install.xml file and compress it into a zip file (zip the install.xml, not the folder it is in).

Name the file: productsku.ocmod.zip

Theme tag

The ocmod for sku looks for this code in the catalog/view/theme/default/template/product/product.twig file. Make sure you add it where you want the code to be output by the ocmod.

<!-- product_sku -->

How to install OCMOD opencart 3.0.2 modification

  1. Go to OpenCart Admin > Extensions > Installer
  2. Upload the zipped ocmod file, wait till success
  3. Go to Modifications
  4. Click on refresh on top right (not clear)
  5. Go to OpenCart admin homepage, click on refresh again and refresh the cache

Let me know if you feel any difficulty in installing or using this extension.

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