Amazon aws Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

I haven’t used amazon and its services much, but to be honest, they’re quite confusing!

Recently I was “required” to enter my amazon accounts Access key ID and Secret Access Key and was not able to find it very smoothly! I needed them to setup cdn on w3total cache with wordpress – for using amazon cloudfront / amazon s3 as cdn.

So where can you find amazon aws access key id and secret access key? It’s not that hard too either!

Where can You find Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

To find the amazon access key id and secret access key, follow these steps:

Note: these steps are for amazon cloud front / amazon s3 specifically.

1. Goto:

2. click on “Account” link from top menu to see the account slide with various options and links.

3. Click on “Security Credentials” (see image below – click to enlarge)

4. You will be shown a login screen. Login with your details (and select “I am a returning users)

5. It will take you to the Security Credentials page. Below, almost half page, you will see a table with “Access Credentials” tab. It lists your amazon Access Key ID and amazon Secret Access Key for your account. (Secret key is hidden, you need to click: “show” to reveal it)

6. If you don’t have any Access Key yet, click “create new” to create an access key ID and secret access key.

7. Done (ofcourse!)

Let me know if you have any queries or difficulty while following these steps!

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