Apple vs Nokia vs Samsung – in last 7 years

Will be focusing on search impact and popularity of these three companies for last 7 years (Since 2004).


This comparison is among the companies and their popularity online : Apple – Nokia – Samsung

Not their products (e.g iPhone, Galaxy, etc)

Apple, Nokia and Samsung are some widely popular cell phone developers. But all of them have some different strategies and markets.

See the graph of popularity of these 3 smartphone providers in last 7 years in this graph by Google Insights:

Legend for this graphs is:

  • Apple in blue
  • Nokia in Red
  • Samsung in Orange

The image to the right shows the numerical value of the search impact of these 3 brands keywords being searched since 2004 on Google.

Apparently, nokia is leading in the search queries and apple is behind them all(and apple here isn’t only iPhone, its all other products too). However samsung is gaining popularity alot! specially because of samsung galaxy series.

I’ll try not to be personal with apple or any other of these cell phone brands, but a bit of personal experience and opinion might be necessary.

Apple apparently focuses on it’s own community and market is comprising of people of almost the same class – upper middle and rich (or only rich).

Nokia focuses on the least possible priced cell phones as well as expensive ones. Covering all consumer markets.

Ya we know they both do it for money, with their own strategy, but nokia’s strategy in return helps billions of those people, who can just dream of having a cell phone with a price tag of what iPhones are launched with.

The popularity graph going up for samsung clearly shows that the innovators of the technology always get an edge, no matter who steals their ideas and launches their patents as their own.

Apple vs Nokia vs Samsung search results pages

If we try to search for these brands keyword in google search, following results are achieved:

Apple: 338,000,000 results

Nokia: 215,000,000 results

Samsung: 1,680,000,000 results

So it’s clear that Apple although has more data written online as compared to nokia, but far far less than that about samsung!

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