Apple Software Updates problem

iTunes 9.0 was released by Apple on 9th of september 2009. Despite having a beautiful user interface, it was still buggy and would hang when you try searching for a podcast being shown on the iTunes store.

Well, Apple realized the issues, and released an update to the iTunes – iTunes 9.0.1 – new version for iTunes to fix the bugs in the previous one, claiming that this will fix the issue with the main 9.0 version of the iTunes. But again, as with most apple updates, this was not just a patch or a small fix, it was complete package of iTunes 9.0.1 that needed to be download to be installed and upgrade iTunes to version 9.0.1 which is bit odd. I mean comeon Apple! you can release just a patch to fix the previous version if its just a few files fix! why forcing every one to download the complete once again!

itunesinstallerAnyway, if you select to download the new package, version 9.0.1, Apple launches the Apple Software Update utility and it does not only have the iTunes 9.0.1 for the update but also Safari browser, QuickTime, iPhone configuration utility and also MobileMe control panel. It not only shows these softwares, but gets them selected by default for download! This makes no sense! how can apple decide what a person needs to download or not.


These softwares could be very much useful! no doubt! but not for every one for sure! It should show the option to download them also, but they should not be checked by default imho because not every one owns an iphone and not every one uses mobileme and other services from Apple.

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