Apple launched iTunes 9 – Download the new release now!

Apple launched and introduced the itunes 9 today! with a lot of new great features!

Although, i tried updating my itunes 8 to itunes 9 from the menu to check for updates, it showed no updates and said that my version of itunes was the latest one saying:

This version of iTunes (8.2.1) is the current version.

Anyway! don’t panic! there is quite simple way to download and install iTunes 9 for both windows and mac operating systems!

The new features of the new iTunes 9 by Apple for mac and windows include:

iTunes LP

You get the songs lyrics, notes, phots and much more! right from your new iTunes 9!

Home Sharing

Apple introduced feature in new iTune 9 for transferring music, movies and other data handled by iTunes between computers at home!

New Look and redesigned iTunes Store

The new iTunes 9 by Apple have a completely new design and look for the iTunes store, making the browsing and exporing more easy and fun!

Improved Syncing

The new iTunes manages and synchronizes better with ipod and itunes!

To download and know more about the new iTunes 9 by apple, simply goto this official iTunes page on apple official site here:

There you can download the new version 9 of iTunes launched by Apple.

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