How to easily access Mac OSX partition / drive from Windows (dual boot by boot camp on macbook)

snow_leopard_2When i started using windows on my macbook via bootcamp i was irritated by the fact that the mac osx drive/partition was not even visible from windows. However, windows partition was visible in mac osx (leopard 10.5 in my case) but that too was only readable if the format of the windows drive would be ntfs, and read and writeable only on fat32 file system on windows.

Well, there are many ways to view the mac osx partition / drive from windows, and read, write it (copy paste stuff too), the one that i noticed today was following:

I installed mac OS X snow leopard 10.6. And when i was browsing my windows operating system (windows seven in my case) i was amazed by the fact that the mac drive was being shown there!

So, whats the fix then? well, definitely not just installing snow leopard 10.6! the easier thing to be done is, to install the new boot camp drivers for your windows installation! and it will show the drive and give read write access to it in your windows installation(windows seven in my case, but should work for vista and xp too).

Hopefully people can find the drivers dvd around on the net . . . or let me know if you face any trouble! ;)

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