So who was saying iPhone 4s is going to be cheaper?

Yeah so there were rumors right? Apple going to release an iPhone 4s which will be a cheaper version of the iPhone 4.

Some even said that iPhone 3gs will be given like “rewari” (a type of sweet) but its all opposite.

iPhone 4s (499 pounds) costs more than iPhone 4 (429 pounds) sim free.

And iPhone 3gs is in 300’s too.

Anyway, all hearts broken, all dreams shattered, apple, like all other fancy companies, release products for their own community (rich ones I mean) – or near to them ones.

Was wondering, atleast nokia and motorolla release 10-20$ versions of cell phones for the low income population too! they deserve some recognition too! Felt bad today why I never wrote about them and gave them importance, for considering the general publics needs too!

Anyway, iPhone 4s is out now. A brilliant smart phone no doubt, but still out of common mans reach. Mine too . . .

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