Netfirms Registered Domains down

Today when i tried to open one of my domain registered at netfirms domain registration service, i was pleased to find that it’s down and not opening . . . :@

I tried pinging the domain and there was no ip defined with the domain even [means no name server found associated with the domain]

I tried to login to netfirms domain admin panel and to my wonderful surprise i wasn’t able to login even! Wow!

I tried retrieving the password by going through forgot password and to my another fabulous experience, my account wasn’t found there ! :o

I am not sure if it’s temporary error or my account has been blocked/suspended! Anyway i submitted a ticket to their support and no response yet! :( Let’s see what happens to my account with almost 15 domains :(

I really had good reviews about netfirms until today . . .


I contacted their online support and the guy said that they declined one of my order (the other order was from same paypal id and same information about me). He said they mailed me on my email address to verify my paypal account which i failed to do.

I checked all my email addresses to see if they magically sent it to any other email address but i didn’t find any email from any of them. I even asked all my cousins and family members if they received any phone call magically from netfirms but they said NO (while looking strangely at me – don’t know why)

Anyway, i asked my friends who lost netfirms domain names and account and they said that they also got the same reply from the support and never got any email about it in their inboxes.

Update 2:

I called their billing department and they resumed my account and allowed me to re register the domains that i had. The phone support is nice (till now ofcourse) btw :) But i had to re register the domains with 4$ per domain instead of 1$ because the coupon had expired. They asked me to call them tomorrow to get a refund though as i had those domains registered already couple of days ago when coupon was valid! well lets see!

25 comments on “Netfirms Registered Domains down

  1. Yeah nabeel bro
    i also saw that offer {.com domain in 1$}.
    but i did not register any domain name.
    i use only for domains.
    i personally don’t like godaddy.

  2. Congrats XD my two domains are also down, its not netfirms fault. they are rejecting every domain, if you purchased these domain through credit card and didn’t sent a scanned copy of card to billing department.

    1. i bought through verified paypal account. 2 domains are working other are not (almost 10) in same account.

      It’s definitely some other issue in my opinion.

          1. I’m testing every one :) jo hath lag jay lol, i tired godaddy xtraorbit, today I purchased a hosting plan from fatcow with a free domain.

          2. 1 free domain is include with yearly package, and I think its a pretty good deal. 44$ for whole year, free domain, and everything is unlimited. isn’t?

  3. just host is better option.
    because in 70$ they provide 2 year unlimited hosting +domain
    and the main interesting thing is that they give 60$ for referral affiliate plan. that means if u purchase the plan within your group.
    it will cost 10$ for 2 year + 1 domain name :P
    i also got 60$ from referral after 4 5 month :P
    this is my affiliate link if u like this info then please use my link :P

  4. yeah everything is unlimited :)
    i am using my 100+ warez, blog, image hosting n blah blah things on it.
    but there are some limitations like “10% CPU Policy” 50000 files policy and all that;)
    once i used wp-auto robot on my domains then they were using 90% cpu usage so that’s why 2 times they suspended my account :P
    but after a humble request they gave me my account with a warning :D
    then i removed that auto blogs and i had 150000 files :P so then i deleted waste files ;)
    so if u will cross their limit they will take action :P
    other wise u can do whatever you want ;)

    1. That’s really cool infact! i will test out there server and might move to them too. My current host is pretty much fast though with almost 0% downtime and very high cpu power. But if this host is with same configuration and so low price then that’s definitely a better choice!

      How long you have been using it?

  5. i am using it from november 09 :)
    justhost is a big one. ;)
    u can see its name in all best webhosting articles{google it for reviews} ;)
    and this is really a cheap one so go get it ;)
    but u know about market they will ask u to upgrade your plan n goto platinum :P
    vps and blah blah :D

  6. I was able to found my username and password, Hence some of the domains that were ” RECENTLY REGISTERED ” are working. I don’t know what the hell has been gone wrong with Netfirm, Creepy to see it :S

    1. Same here. The domains registered the next day are working. Maybe these will stop working by tomorrow too :p

      They even deleted our accounts and the domains are now available for registration again! and ofcourse NO refund done.

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