Is it Impossible to be Webdevelop & Programmer, Doctor and Ninja at once? Really?

Just had a chat with some one from Canada, it was quite funny though! check it out:

doctor: asl?
ron_obri: 19 m here
ron_obri: w bu
doctor: m
doctor: u from
ron_obri: canada
ron_obri: winnipeg
ron_obri: where ru from
doctor: pak
ron_obri: ?
doctor: wht u do?
ron_obri: wat u do /
ron_obri: tell me first
doctor: i m webdeveloper
doctor: and programmer
doctor: and provide domain and hosting
doctor: u?
ron_obri: okay sounds
ron_obri: liike
ron_obri: boring
doctor: k
ron_obri: any way i m in red river college
doctor: wht u do?
ron_obri: and part time jobber too
doctor: jobber?
ron_obri: r uf from pakistan
doctor: wht is jobber?
doctor: ya i m from pak
ron_obri: i mean i do part time job to
doctor: whts ur job
doctor: ?
ron_obri: i take comission from cars
ron_obri: basically i help ma bro in cars
ron_obri: dats it
ron_obri: pretty easy
doctor: ok
ron_obri: r u married
doctor: no
ron_obri: hmm then gf
doctor: ya
ron_obri: okay
ron_obri: how many’
doctor: ummmmm
doctor: 1 in each city
ron_obri: good one
ron_obri: dat mean u dont have any gf
ron_obri: rt
ron_obri: .
ron_obri: why u add doctor in ur id
ron_obri: okay m,an
doctor: hm
doctor: coz
doctor: i am doctor too
doctor: i am final yr mbbs student
ron_obri: oh really
doctor: ya
ron_obri: its not possible
doctor: well
doctor: it is
ron_obri: okie g2g2
doctor: its not us
ron_obri: buddy have fun take it easy
doctor: we people r hard working here
ron_obri: good bye
ron_obri: and pece
ron_obri: i dont think so
doctor: hehe
ron_obri: bye the way
doctor: ya i know
doctor: u cant think so
doctor: thts why u said impossible
ron_obri: hmm
doctor: coz u cant even think so too
doctor: its ok
ron_obri: okay agreed
doctor: tc
doctor: bye
ron_obri: byue
ron_obri: bye
doctor: btw
doctor: i am ninja instructor too
doctor: if it dnt sound boring too
ron_obri: u know wat u r talin with
ron_obri: ur president
ron_obri: former
doctor: dude
doctor: see me :
ron_obri: now i m scientist in nasa
doctor: u will get info about me there
doctor: bye
ron_obri: later on i wil make 200 million last year
ron_obri: get ur ass upo now its
ron_obri: too mch
ron_obri: dont give me fluke
ron_obri: byeeeeeeee
doctor: lol
doctor: its not ur fault
doctor: u guys cant think of this too na
ron_obri: cu lkater buddy
doctor: just bookmark my page
doctor: u can reach me from there
doctor: and info
ron_obri: dont bother me
doctor: lol
ron_obri: u guys always talk talk and talk good bye
ron_obri is typing…
ron_obri: have fun
doctor: haha
doctor: kid
doctor: grow up
doctor: and try to live in some better country
doctor: where people dnt take hard things as impossible
doctor: anyway, i apologize if i annoyed u buddy, sorry ok, but i didnt lie abt myself , doesnt matter if u believe or not
doctor: tc, bye, Allah Hafiz

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