iPad finally out to the public – Fans stood all night outside Apple Store

Apple iPad has finally been released to public. The fans kept waiting outside Apple app store all night before the iPad was made out to them the next day. The iPad was released on last saturday in United States. The mega event was welcomed by millions of fans who gathered in front of apple stores […]

Opera Mini for iPhone released

Last February, Opera Software Officially announced that they will be making Opera Mini available for the iPhone and now atlast, Opera Mini for iPhone has been submitted to the Apple iPhone App Store. Browsing via Opera Mini is faster because it makes use of server side rendering, which significantly compresses data before it reaches the […]

Google Voilated its Promise – Stopped Servers in China

Google has recently stopped its services in China on Google.cn domain, rather the visitors from china will now be redirected to the hongkong domain google.com.hk to provide uncensored search to chinese people “legally”. However China has termed this act as violation of the promise by Google. An official for the State Council Information Office said: […]

Traffic reduced markedly after 2 days down time – back to normal in 2 weeks

My blog went down for almost 2-3 days due to some problem with the domain name nameservers and once it was resolved i noticed that the traffic went down markedly! remained almost 2% of the usual traffic on the first day. However, gradually there was increase in traffic, first 5% then 10% and so on, […]

Motorola Backflip – AT&T’s first Android phone – available for $99

Motorola Backflip is now available on AT&T for $99. This is the carrier’s first Android device. The Motorola Backflip supports the Motoblur social networking interface and has a unique fold over keyboard. The touch screen is 3.1 inch having a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The camera in the phone is 5-megapixel. Backflip comes […]

iPhone 4G to have a 5-Megapixel Camera

iPhone 4G, the upcoming version of the Apple iPhone which will make an appearance at WWDC’10 might be having a 5-megapixel camera in it. The OmniVision is set to supply a 5-mexapixel camera for the next generation iPhone 4G to apple. Another interesting addition to this rumor is the fact that OmniVision is also supplying […]

Excerpt.Nabtron.Com another beta project by Nabtron

We have recently started our new project named Excerpt.Nabtron.com. The purpose of this project is to organize the various topics related posts in one place for user interest. All posts have links to their original author text. The posts contain feeds only and show the part of the post that is visible in the feed. […]

Ubuntu 9.10 beta available for Download

Ubuntu version 9.10 is available on the ubuntu.com official website. The release date of the stable  Version 9.10 of ubuntu is 29th of october, 2009. To get the latest beta release of ubuntu 9.10, goto official ubuntu linux website for download

New theme design for the site tech.nabtron.com

Today we applied new design to the site. The new theme is more colorful and is with new widgets and better code. The design have the homepage with many featured, popular and random articles above normal posts. It also have a scroll bar for new articles on top. So have a look at the design […]