iPhone 4G to have a 5-Megapixel Camera

iPhone 4G, the upcoming version of the Apple iPhone which will make an appearance at WWDC’10 might be having a 5-megapixel camera in it. The OmniVision is set to supply a 5-mexapixel camera for the next generation iPhone 4G to apple.

Another interesting addition to this rumor is the fact that OmniVision is also supplying the 3.2 mexapixel camera sensor to apple, which is included in iPhone 3Gs. OmniVision claims that the orders will be almost double, from only 20 million units to 40 million plus for the year 2010

This is really great upgrade from Apple to introduce a 5-megapixel camera in the iPhone 4G which will also help it keep up with other industry standard smart phones and probably also be adding a front end camera on the iPhone for video calling purposes.

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