New Version of Flash Player 10.1 Beta for Android 2.2

Flash player is used among all the popular web applications nowadays and good news to hear is that a newer version of flash player 10.1 is available in the market.

Flash Player 10.1 if installed on the Froyo update for Nexus one then it increases the speed of that device as compared to older versions of flash players.

Its very interesting to know that the Froyo update on the Nexus not come with pre-build flash player. So you have to Search in the market to find newer version of flash player that has good performance on Android 2.2(Froyo). Now u can go to Android Market and download newer and best performance version of flash player 10.1. This version of flash player is now available in beta version only.But i think it has very good response on customer side.

There is one update missing in Froyo that i think had to be changed is the Music app. May be later coming versions of Froyo have this change.

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