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Nabtron server was Hacked! we’re back up!

Sorry for the recent couple of hour’s down time on nabtron. One of the guy was exploiting our joomla based website on this server to hack people’s online bank account by phishing. We removed his files previously but he did it again. So this time we added a message regarding his acts that he is trying to hack people on his page, instead of removing the page from server here:


As a result, probably some one reported him and he exploited the joomla install and deleted the files on the server. But luckily we had the backup yesterday! :D (as i mentioned to one of our visitors recently when he inquired on how to secure his website, and my reply was to first of all back it up) So the time needed was to just restore and unpack the backup files and setup a new restore point.

It was a good lesson for us (and for that script kiddie too). Websites come up and go, I’ve made this site upto this small potential, if it’s all gone even, i can make it again, faster and even better, but what can’t be regained is the prestige, the guy who was trying to hack people’s bank account and use haram money…. how can he revert that sin! shame on him! I was just wondering what has his parents and teachers taught him all his life! (or maybe he is from those families where parents don’t teach their kids, just give them birth and throw them away?) Anyway… may Allah show him the right path…

18 Responses to Nabtron server was Hacked! we’re back up!

  1. Shirley Osei-Mensah

    Glad to see you back up. I was getting 404 errors. Didn’t know what was wrong or happening. Glad you’re back :).

    • Nabeel

      Hopefully i will move nabtron.com to seperate account soon.

      • Shirley Osei-Mensah

        Replied to your Facebook message :).

  2. Lladro figurines

    They’d much rather design and fully own software than have it be partially in open source. It’s just the way it is sometimes in business, they don’t trust open source in part because they cannot own or sell it.

  3. Akash Vedi

    Best of luck bro :)

  4. john

    My sites was affected by virus. 50 sites were down. now backup is very important. Good luck man

    • Nabeel

      did you get those sites backup John???

  5. John

    before i didn’t. now i am try to do that. how often do you backup?

    • Nabeel

      i don’t backup very often, but like once a week atleast.

      But i am planning to setup some backup system (or modify some plugins available) to do auto backup everyday and also after every update to the site.

  6. John

    yeah, i think i must do that, last time bluehost ‘s system down. i thought my sites hacked, i just pick up the phone to bluehost. they said their system down . shit. i wanna laugh and cry.

    • Nabeel

      ahan, for how much time did it remain down?

  7. John

    it was 30 minutes, PPC guys really hurts.i am ok, not that bad.

    • Nabeel

      sorry i didn’t understand why you referred to PPC here? (ppc stands for?)

  8. Make Extra Money

    That guy that hacked you is evil

    • Nabeel

      well he did what his parents and society taught him!

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