Ufone Technical errors – do they only work on Ads?

There is no doubt ufone Pakistan’s advertisement on the television are always awsome! but wait a minute, is it the only thing they work on? I know it’s not only me, but millions out there who have trouble with their network and services! I am not trying to hide all the good things of ufone though! but they really have technical issues with their network and services.I’ll list out a few, if you have noticed or encountered others, do let me know so that I can add them to the list too

These errors and technical faults in Ufone services are not in any order, just listing them out.

  1. MMS settings – MMS don’t work on iPhone! since iPhone came to market! dude! what the hell? are you ever going to work on this thing?
  2. Their website complaint box don’t have option for code 0336! their own feedback page! oh come on! are you living in dinosaur world? upgrade it man!
  3. Poor signals – Yes! they really are poor! line drops, confirmed in Sadiqabad, rawalpindi and Attock… severely bad and interrupted service. If you are inside home, then forget the signals!
  4. sms don’t go some times! and then deliver at once . . .

So anyone else faced similar or any other crap issues with their network or any bad service?

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