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How to activate Zong sim

If you have bought new sim from zong franchise or local dealer (in Pakistan) after registration it is not activated when given to you.

You have to activate it yourself and have to wait for a while before your zong sim is activated.

How to activate zong sim

You need to activate this sim by the following way:

To activate your new zong sim simply put the sim in your mobile phone and dial 789 and follow this instructions.

This method will also work if you have ported or changed your network from:

  • ufone to zong
  • mobilink to zong
  • telenor to zong

And any other cellular network in Pakistan to Zong.

Once you convert your number from one network to another, you’re issued a new sim that you have to use instead of the old network one.

The activation of the new sim takes couple of days (3 days usually). Therefore be patient before the new sim gets activated.

How will you know if the new sim has been activated? Well it’s simple, if your current sim loses its signals and shows no network, then it means it has been removed from the networks and now your number is ported to the new network. Simply put in the new sim and you will find it activated.

Let me know if you have any difficulty while trying to activate zong sim.

30 Responses to How to activate Zong sim

  1. outdoor furniture

    Can someone plz confirm me tat i m having zong sim with me in UAE but i dont have raoming,i want to activate roaming so how can it b possible for me to activate,,,

    • Nabeel

      What is your zong sim number. I may help you out with it.

    • hania

      plz kioy ghr bahty sim regestion karni bata daa sim ke plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Nabtron

        Sim verifiers can come to your home for extra charges (maybe 10,000 or 20,000)

  2. Mazhar Ali Kazmi

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    I am an old customer of Mobilink and have been using Jazz connection from so long. On 07/07/2010, I got a telephone call from a representative of your company. His name is “Mr. Waleed” and is working in your head office Islamabad.
    He asked me to shift my number from Mobilink to Zong without changing my present number. He gave me the following incentives.
    1- The outgoing call rate would be Rs.0.67/minute any time any network.
    2- After activation of Zong sim, on first load of card of worth Rs.100/-, I will get 100 free minutes and 100 free sms. In this connection, he told that after loading such card, when I call to a Zong number, nothing would be deducted from my account unless and until I finish the 100 free minutes.
    I agreed and asked him the dispatch the sim, which he did and I got Zong sim on 13/07/2010. I activated the sim on 15/07/2010 and talked to a friend of mine having a Zong number but I was stunned when I checked my account balance after ending the call,
    1- The call was charged even if I called at a Zong number and I was not provided the free minutes.
    2- The call was charged at Rs.1.51/minute.
    To be very bold and straightforward, it’s the height of dishonesty and malafide attitude on part of Zong, such a high profile company. You are also doing the same, which the other companies are doing, cheating the customers. This is just because of lack of application of law in our country. I now simply request you as under:
    1- Provide me with the privilege, which I was told to be provided by your marketer namely Mr. Waleed.
    2- If you refuse to do it, then shift me again to my old service provider ie Mobilink.
    I hope to have a prompt and positive response; otherwise I will not only publish the matter in the newspapers but I also reserve my rights to pursue against you in a court of competent jurisdiction.

    Syed Mazhar Ali Kazmi
    Cell: 03009402183

    • Nabeel

      it’s sad but i don’t think your plan is not very efficient. Why don’t you goto court directly?

  3. usman

    give ne zong card/
    urgent hai??

    • Nabeel

      didn’t understand your comment, why shall i give you a card?

    • dr abdul nasir

      I had jazz sim which I wanted to convert to ZONG through MNP . I went to zong office Sargodha and got it done on 25 th May they ve given me the sim and told me Jazz signals will drop in a couple of days and Zong will take over but until today 2nd june I m still waiting for the signals to drop.

      • Nabtron

        It should get updated within 3 days. Did you try contacting them and see if there is some issue with your new zong sim?

  4. bashir uddin siddiqui

    mera bellence hy magr call kerny ke saholat nhe. let me inform cause of tention. aur mera belence system ku khata hy.

  5. bashir uddin siddiqui

    zong k code myn chaheay

  6. bashir uddin siddiqui

    meri sim 03132493133 kafi arsy sy gum hy. iski duplicate issue keradyn.

    • Nabeel

      Bashir, you should goto zong service center to get duplicate sim!

  7. Q. Goble

    I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

    • Nabeel

      please let me know your location + browser + internet connection speed and how long did this blog took to load at your side?


  8. Tahir

    I bought my zong sim in 2008. I used this sim for some months and then I was posted to a city where there was no zong service available. So I had to switch over to other service available there. Today on 15 Jun 2011, when I wanted to use my zong sim again, my phone gave me error message “sim registration failed”. What happened to it? Is it blocked? The sim is not registered in my name but I have complete packing of sim available with me. What should I do to make it work? Any suggestion?

    • Nabeel

      check the sim in other cell phone to confirm that it is working fine on them

  9. Navaira

    Hey! I am a Zong customer. A few days ago my phone had fell from me a couple times so something went wrong with it. Then it suddenly asked me for a PUK code, when I enetered it incorrect 10 times, it blocked my sim. So now what do I do? Get a new sim card or what?

    • Nabeel

      you should try calling service center to get help or else visit them. hopefully it gets solved for you

  10. abdulrauf

    mere zong ki sim puk code kay baad rejected ho gai hai plz mere help karay isay on karnaymay my number is

    • Dr. Nabeel

      Abdul Rauf please call Zong customer care to get your zong sim unblocked

  11. zoha khan

    mere zong sim kafi mounths sa bnd ha nd mujha us ka no ni yad to kia karo

    • Dr. Nabeel

      zoha, zong service center pe call kr k tell them ur name and id card number, they will tell you the number

  12. zoha khan

    plz tell me

  13. dr erum

    My name is DR erum . I want to give you a suggestion about Mobile Sim Activation through 789. I hope u will threw a glance on my suggestion seriously. When a customer call on 789 to active his sim the question for sim verification should be increased. .He should asked for his father and mother N.I.C no as well as his office,home, or any relative P.T.C.L number. because 90% P.T.C.L numbers are registered so that’s why no one can use the P.T.C.L number in fraud or terrorism.
    There should be 24 hour time limitation for a sim activation during this time mobile company make a verification call to customer given P.T.C.L no to confirm identity of this man who want to active the sim. If the customer is involved in any illegal activities or if he misuse the sim then in that case mobile companies will have the advantage of the record of this customer N.I.C and P.T.C.L number as well as other information’s. Because in the both new and old sim activation system which you are introducing mobile franchise can easily active the sims on giving sales target by mobile companies and on available N.I.C photo copy because only franchise are responsible for unknown active sims these are franchise who adopt right or wrong path to achieve the target. example in Saudi Arabia and many other countries no need of sim activation and any documents every year 25 lack to 35 lack Muslims go to saudia for haj and umrah he purchased mobile sims without giving any documents or sim activation he use and disposed sims every year but misuse of sims rate is 1% because there intelligence network is strong if mobile company received any complain from customer he proper investigate check history of customer calls and sms and if he found any prove of misuse then he block mobile sim plus mobile emi number so the misuser person got 2 loses sim block and mobile set block.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      Thanks Major Rabiaa

  14. shahbaz

    Can someone plz confirm me tat i m having zong sim with me in UAE but i dont have raoming,i want to activate roaming so how can it b possible for me to activate,,,

  15. Eeba

    I converted ufone to zong but after 3 day still network is not showing…can u plz guide me

    • Nabtron

      Did you get the new sim from ufone? You will need to contact the service centre if it’s still not active.

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