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First look at upcoming Facebook movie: The Social Network – Trailer

The movie “The Social Network” is a work by Columbia Pictures and is going to hit the theater in October 2010.Cast the social mediaof the movie includes actor Jesse Eisenberg playing Harvard-boy Mark Zuckerberg. The film is production by Sony Pictures and the director of the film is David Fincher.

The trailer shows that it’s about some group of friends who use facebook as a social media marketing tool and have a competitor who is going ahead of them in some way. But we can’t be sure until we get more trailers or ofcourse until the movie is released. Have a look st the trailer of The Social Network movie.

3 Responses to First look at upcoming Facebook movie: The Social Network – Trailer

  1. Kinect Games

    WOW!! I didn’t realize they’re making a movie about Facebook. Too bad the trailer doesn’t say much….. I’m rooting for this one for sure…. Way to go, Mark! You’ve got the guts!

    • Nabeel

      i hope this movie speaks about something important! and not just a random script!

  2. Kent Zeng

    I really like this one, nice! Facebook rules!

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