Face Morphing on Orkut – By Google

Google has been adding various apps to its social networking site Orkut. Recently they added an application Face Morphing in Orkut. The app takes your Orkut profile picture and smoothly morphs it into your friend’s profile image.

(Link for orkut face morphing, not working anymore though was: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#AppInfo?appId=327726236845 )

While morphing the image, the app fills the path with public images of other orkut users with similar matching faces, giving a beautiful and amazing transition experience from your face to the other persons one.

Orkut calls this application as “People Hopper” and it’s part of Google labs.

The application People Hopper is part of Google Labs. (Google people hopper link, not working anymore though, was: http://people-hopper.googlelabs.com/ )

It works by simply matching your pictures to find simple pictures, without using the face recognition.

First, faces are automatically detected in public profile images and normalized for improved contrast and size. Then, for each image, we find other publicly available profile images that are similar to one another. Then, when you pick a friend you want to be your end match, we just hop along similar public images, step-by-step, until the connection is made!

Note: If you don’t want to allow the face morph application to use your image to show it in another person’s morph, click here (link not working anymore http://people-hopper.googlelabs.com/optout ) to exclude your profile from Google experiment.

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