The updated, new, simplified Facebook homepage

Facebook has been updating and implementing their new, improved code for the backend as well as the front end of the application for past couple of weeks which has now been implemented on various servers.

Not all accounts are converted to the new, simplified facebook homepage currently as the update is in process and step wise all accounts will be converted soon.

The new, simplified facebook homepage has some what different look and feel, yet retaining the same powerful interface and features of facebook. The website color theme is still the same though.

Once you get converted to facebook new interface, you can definitely spot it as soon as you login, as well as facebook shows you a message showing that you are now using the new and improved version of facebook.

The main changes are made to the top menu and the left menu.

You can :

  • See new requests, messages and notifications grouped together by the Facebook logo.

  • Easily access your messages, applications and chat on the left side of the page.

  • Manage privacy settings and log out using the Account menu above.

The bottom bar has been removed from the new facebook interface and only the chat part has been left there.

The Top Menu

The top menu has been simplified to make it easier to get to what’s new and important.

Icons for requests, messages, and notifications light up when there’s something new you won’t want to miss.

The Account Menu contains links to important settings pages. It’s also where you can go to find help or log out.

The Basics — Search, Home and Profile — are accessible at the top of every page.

The Left Menu

The left menu has been organized to make it easier for you to find and discover content from friends, read your messages, see what your friends are up to, access applications and more.

Core Features such as News Feed, Messages and your Friends – are at the top, making it easier to keep up with what’s new.

Applications you’ve bookmarked have moved up the page for easy access. The new Applications and Games dashboards help you discover new and interesting information from your friends.

Friends Online provides quick links to chat with your friends, or quickly go online yourself. To edit your options, find Facebook Chat in the bottom bar.

The new facebook layout is really a nice leap ahead in the improvement of the layout and interface of the facebook website application, definitely improving the social networking of the users.

Although some users are not happy with the change, but there are people in every community who resist the change just because they are afraid of not getting adapted to the change or any other reasons!

Anyway! keep it up Facebook! we look forward for more improvements from the team! :)

To find out where to find All Friends List in the new, simplified Facebook interface Click Here.

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  1. I accidentlly hide Farmville from my news feed and cannot figure out how to unhide it. SInce I actually play this game, this is important to me. Can anyone help me?

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