How to see All Friends List in New Simplified Facebook

Lost the friends list showing all the contacts that you have on facebook account? Well this issue arise among many people who recently got shifted to the new facebook layout, the simplified version of the facebook design and interface.

So if you are also unable to find the list of your friends/contacts on the facebook wall, don’t panic, this tutorial tells you where you can find the list and how to access it easily.

How to see All Friends List in New Simplified Facebook

A. Login to Facebook

First step is ofcourse the same old, login to your facebook account, and goto the homepage of your facebook account.

B. Goto Friends Page

There are two links on the homepage to goto friends page.

The first one, in the left menu, is the WRONG one in this situation.

The second CORRECT one in this situation, is the one on the top right menu. Can’t see it there? well ofcourse! why would you be here reading this tutorial if you would’ve seen it yourself that easily :)

Follow this image on the top right menu of your facebook new, simplified homepage:

  1. Click on Account link in the top right menu, this will open a sub menu with links to your account features and settings.
  2. From the drop down sub menu list of facebook account, click Edit Friends to goto the friends section.

This will open the friends section. Now note, that the left menu has changed, to the friends section menu, like in the old version of Facebook website.

From this menu, you can see the list of your friends/contacts through two links:

  1. All Connetions This will open the list of all the friends that you have added and pages that you have become fan of etc.
  2. Friends This will open the list of your friends/contacts only on your facebook account profile like it did in the previous non-updated version of facebook, and you can manage them in the same way too.

So this way you can access your LOST facebook friend list and the managing options associated with it in the new, simplified version of updated facebook website social networking script.

To find out the changes and updates in the new, simplified Facebook interface Click Here.

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