Simple Ways To Delete Web History From Computer

People, who are new in using their computer systems, find difficulty to handle and operate several applications. It’s very simple to use your system, if you will spend few hours per day. After giving some time to your computer, you will come to know that how to operate any software and heaps of common applications.

I have seen, many people have problems with deleting internet files from their systems. It’s very easy and simple steps have to be taken to kick off unwanted files. You should delete files after few days because these are useless and are getting yoour space without any reason. Moreover, by deleting them, you can keep secret of what you have seen on web whole week or month.

clear history easily

Simple Ways To Delete Web History From Computer

Let’s check it out how can you delete temporary files and web links.

  1. First of all, you need to see that which window you are using.
  2. If you are having Window xp then the simplest way to delete your files is open your internet explorer and click on tools option on top left side.
  3. After clicking, you will get a drop down list.
  4. Search for internet options and click on it.
  5. When you will click the options, you will get a box in which different tabs are mentioned. You have to see the General tab and look for ” Clear History”
  6. When you will click on it, message would be appeared that ” Are you sure to delete the files or not”?
  7. Say ” Yes” to clear out useless files and your explorer will be free from all unused links and unwanted sources.
  8. If you are using Window Vista then same procedure would be applied till number 4 and when box would be displayed, you need to click on “Delete ” and various options would be appeared.
  9. Either you can delete temporary files, cookies, history, form data or passwords. It all depends on what you desire for.
  10. You can also click “Delete all” to save your time from one by one step.
  11. Enjoy by deleting files as no one would be able to know what you had explored!


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