Facebook Causes – Sharing email address for notifications

Facebook has been making some major changes to its social networking script recently. Apart of this, they have also announced that soon the applications won’t be able to send the notifications to the users on their facebook account / wall, instead, users can chose to give the applications their email addresses so that the notifications can be sent to their email address.Check out the screen shot and the text below to have an idea about it:

Give your email address to Causes?

Soon, applications won’t be able to send you notifications on Facebook. If you like, you can start receiving emails directly from Causes.
Emails will be sent to: my Facebook contact email (**********@yahoo.com) change

Well this change of removing the applications from sending notifications on the facebook account, and instead sending on email address would be quite strange infact! Instead of removing it completely, there should just be an option to chose from, to get notifications from the applications on facebook account or into your email address!

Anyway! lets see what experience would it be once facebook is done with implementing this and many other changes and ideas to their social networking website!

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