iPhone – Lime screen of death

Today my iPhone battery depleted and i didn’t have the charger around me. When i reached home, i connected the iPhone with the usb charger to my macbook, and when the macbook turn on, iPhone showed a weird color screen, lime (or green sort of).

This color screen of my apple iPhone 3G (which i termed as Lime screen of death (lsd) – after inspiration from windows “Blue screen of death” (bsd) ) was the first time i had such experience with iPhone.

Anyway, so how to solve it. Simple, just do a iPhone restart. To restart your iPhone from this condition, hold down the power and home button simultaneously until the iPhone shuts down. Give it a few seconds and then press the power button only to turn your iPhone on.

If it don’t start normally then leave it to charge for some time and then try again after 15 minutes or so. There will be no more lime screen of death of your iPhone! :)

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  1. I’m having the same problem, i used to do so, but i’m getting the same almost everyday now. is there anyway to fix it for ever ? what is the problem even ?

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