Give your site a few minutes! – minor edits make a huge difference!

Unlike most of the posts here on my blog, this one is not search engine targeted as such, but is mainly meant for the visitors who stick around here.

I was asking for reviews on speed and some modifications that i made from my friend. After I was done, he asked me the same for his website. This is what he said (translated version):

Is the new website layout better or the old one was? which one do you like personally?

And honestly speaking, my reply was:


Well, not being rude, neither funny, but i wasn’t satisfied with the look of the webpage. I gave him a couple of tips on what to change on the site, but then i just felt like giving it a few minutes myself, and turned on the firebug addon for firefox and started editing the site.

In only about 5-10 minutes, and only a couple of edits to the “css” only I was able to make site alot better (to me atleast)

Have a look at these 2 images yourself, first one is before i edited, second one is after i edited it (click on the image to enlarge):

And this is the screen shot of the website after a few minutes in my hands:

Well i know many people won’t consider my editing perfect too! and it’s not even close to that! but honestly speaking, i do believe that it’s better than the non edited version.

I just edited the css file for the background color, menu background color, font family, etc.. just minor edits infact.

Anyway, which ever of them is better, the purpose of this post was to emphasize that even 5 to 10 minutes on your site layout and / or functionality can make a major difference. Not only on user experience, but also in your website impression and repute. So make a habit to give some time to your website every week atleast!

Update: He refused to add my customized css to his website, reason from the owner:

I’m making some customization.. finding some good color scheme to replace with that girl looking menu bar

I hope it makes sense for anyone who reads it! :s

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