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Steve Jobs, founder of Apple (ya i know you know that already) made it clear long ago that Adobe Flash has to do frash for ipadnothing with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, in this letter titled Thoughts on Flash. So definitely we won’t be seeing flash for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – officially! So does it mean that we should become used to that missing plugin error on flash based pages? as flash is part of many games, stats plugins, graphs, etc etc etc… ??? NO! there are workarounds! One such trick to make flash based stuff work on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is FRASH, a plugin developed by the creator of Spirit jailbreak, COMEX, which runs the plugin in mobile safari on iPad.

Frash is a port of recently released Flash plugin for Android devices and works perfectly with full performance on jailbroken iPad. As said earlier, there are other workarounds too, but the Frash delivers most amazing results and the output doesn’t stutter at all.

You can see frash working in full action in video below:

Currently Frash (alternate for flash on Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) is supported only for iPad and there is no support for keyboard input and video play back . . . but hopefully the plugin will improve with time! as it has a huge demand and usability (and ofcourse requirement!)

The plugin, Frash, an alternate for flash on iPad will be released soon as the developer declares it as stable version.

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  1. The fun of the StrongBad videos is hovering the mouse over them to reveal the secrets, but this won’t work with a touch-screen. There should be a? way where touching the screen synthesises a mouse pointer and a double-touch acts as a click. Otherwise Flash games that react to moving a mouse without clicking wouldn’t work.

  2. That is why I love geeks and tech people. They will always find a way around a problem especially a geeky or tech one :). Proud to be one :). I love how he turned the “l” in “Flash” to “r” in “Frash”, hehe :D, makes the name sound funny :D.

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