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How to monitor your processor temperature

My macbook gets really hot these days, ya because it’s summer out here now! so it’s almost unbearable to keep it in my lap usually! I changed many power options to keep it cool but it failed me . . .

Anyway, so coming to the point, how can i check the core temperature of my computer and / or temperature of my laptop processor (it’s core2duo btw)

There are many utilities out there that perform the specified function of testing your processor’s temperature (specially intel based) and report it back to you. However some of them interpret the data and don’t tell you the exact processor temperature! they infact use the algorithm and report you back the core temperature.

The application that i used (for windows – on my macbook) is called Real Temp. A pretty simple, small and to the point application!

Oh and btw! your processor can go upto 70 degree celcius (as a industry standard) – so don’t panic if it’s too hot! Hopefully you will find this application useful.

5 Responses to How to monitor your processor temperature

  1. Lladro figurines

    I’ve had had mine running well above 80 before and even had trouble with one a while ago ran at over 100 degrees:P not good for it but it didn’t die and you will find that 70 is not considered to be getting too hot. No need to worry

    • Nabeel

      even 65 to 70 degree can become so hot for you to bear the laptop in your LAP

  2. Make Extra Money

    Ive been looking for something like this for ages

    • Nabeel

      so now you got it! :)

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