How to add adsense code to to thesis wordpress theme

Today a guy asked me on a forum saying:

Hey i saw you are web designer. how to add adsense to thesis? any plugin?

Pretty innocent and sweet question! isn’t it :)

So how to add google adsense ad code to wordpress thesis theme ? and more importantly, how i did it?

Well, there is simple plugin that adds an ad code before, after the post content for you and other places too! the plugin is called: Quick Adsense. Hopefully you will find it simple enough.

If there is any issue do let me know :)

8 comments on “How to add adsense code to to thesis wordpress theme

  1. I’ll be honest, it’s not that scary. Here’s the comments template with some helpful PHP comments that should guide you along in understanding what’s happening.

  2. One thing I don’t understand about this plugin is how the plugin knows my adsense ID? There isn’t a spot for it? It seems like I am missing a step or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks…

    1. this plugin provides you input boxes where you enter complete adsense code generated from google adsense get ads section. The generated code contains your adsense id too.

      Let me know if you have any confusion and want me to manage / add your adsense ads to your site.

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