Screen shot in Ubuntu (10.10) – easiest ways

Ability to take the screen shot is very vital for a wide range of people who use computer for various purposes.

Like every operating system, Ubuntu supports screenshot too! and in a very brilliant way!

So here we will discuss few of the ways by which the screens can be captured in ubuntu (10.10 in my case).

1. Print Screen – The easiest way:

The best, quickest and easiest way to take a screen shot in ubuntu linux is to press the print screen button on your keyboard (button next to f12).

Simply open the window or whatever you want to take screen shot of on your computer screen and hit the print screen button, it will open a popup asking you to not only save the image or cancel the process, but also to copy the image to the clipboard, so that you can paste it in any image editing software directly without the hassle of first saving it.

2. Goto top menu > applications > take screenshot. By this method you can chose if you want to take the screen shot of complete desktop, or just part of it, or only want one window converted to image.

3. Use GIMP – Open GIMP, then goto file > create > screenshot. It also gives options similar to the previous method.

4. Use shutter – top menu > Open Applications > shutter – screenshot tool. This will let you chose time delay and other options before taking the screen shot too.

Other than this, there are several command line methods to take the screen shots too, but ofcourse they are not easiest! so we end our list here :)

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