Dual Boot – Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows Seven Install (using windows boot manager)

Ubuntu is no doubt a wonderful operating system and a real fun to use too, and this new version 10.10, it’s simply awesome! When I started using linux (specially ubuntu) I always wanted to have it on my computer but to be honest, I didn’t like the linux based boot loaders to take over. Because […]

Ubuntu windows installer installation size

I was installing the ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop computer today as dual boot with windows which urged me to write this post here. My computer is running windows seven and I wanted to have the windows boot loader as incharge for the boot options. So I started installing ubuntu through the Ubuntu Installer for […]

How To: iPhone Tethering on Ubuntu 9.10 (via Bluetooth)

Ever wanted to share the internet connection on your iPhone with your laptop/computer? Well and that too on the ununtu linux 9.10 (Karmic Koala) ? Here it is how to easily tether your iPHone 3G/3Gs running firmware 3.0 or 3.1.x with your laptop or other devices using Ubuntu 9.10 via bluetooth. Note: If you are […]

Ubuntu 9.10 beta available for Download

Ubuntu version 9.10 is available on the ubuntu.com official website. The release date of the stableĀ  Version 9.10 of ubuntu is 29th of october, 2009. To get the latest beta release of ubuntu 9.10, goto official ubuntu linux website for download