Dual Boot – Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows Seven Install (using windows boot manager)

Ubuntu is no doubt a wonderful operating system and a real fun to use too, and this new version 10.10, it’s simply awesome!

When I started using linux (specially ubuntu) I always wanted to have it on my computer but to be honest, I didn’t like the linux based boot loaders to take over. Because due to any reason if my linux got corrupt, my windows boot would be affected too! and it was really a pain.

But now, we can install ubuntu 10.10 with windows boot loader being the incharge of the dual boot sequence and stuff – and not by hacking something, but natively.

To install ubuntu 10.10  with dual boot windows (seven in my case) and have windows boot manager as incharge, follow these steps:

1. Goto ubuntu.com and click download

2. on next page, click on theUbuntu Windows Installer link by gong to the text saying (you can click the link in the quoted text below too directly) :

If you’re running Windows

You can use Ubuntu Windows installer to run Ubuntu alongside your current system.

Ubuntu Windows Installer >

3. Run the ubuntu windows installer and select the options that you want to have while installing it. Make sure that the drive that you want to be used by the ubuntu installer for windows is empty and has no important data of yours.

4. Restart your computer once the download is complete (almost 25 minutes on a 4mbps connection) and it prompts for restart

5. From the windows boot manager options chose ubuntu. It will start ubuntu and will say “completing ubuntu installation” and stuff like that, just let it do whatever it wants to do until it restarts again.

6. Chose ubuntu again from the menu after the restart, it will show ubuntu boot manager too, just chose the first option in it to load your new ubuntu installation.

7. Login and have fun with the fabulous ubuntu (P.S: you may want to upgrade ubuntu [when prompted] after the installation too !)

Believe me, I’m loving ubuntu! hopefully you will enjoy it too!

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