Virus / Trojan freezing your computer – how to fix

There could be numerous viruses and trojans which can affect your computer and cause problems to it in various ways.

Some viruses are just made by programmers for fun. They simply freeze your computer that’s it. But some are serious threat. They may delete your critical data, and / or send the data to the person who sent virus to your computer. So it is really a security threat.

How to fix it? simple question but a very complex answer! We will try to list out some of the ways to fix this issue. If you’re unable to fix it using these points or have a better solution depending on your situation, do let me know, I’ll add it to the list.

1. Virus Scan

Obviously the first option is to run an antivirus software on your computer. You don’t need to buy a expensive or a professional one for this purpose. For example you can get KasperSky as they give 30 days free with full functionality. Install it, run the scan and it fixes most of the issues and viruses.

2. Safe mode ? what and why?

Are you familiar with safe mode? well it is a mode in which windows loads the minimum files required to run the windows operating system on your computer (or atleast tries to!) and runs minimum number of processes for the windows. This avoids the viruses and trojans or any other file that might be causing the problem to be stopped from loading. What’s next? well this can’t be used as a normal windows operating form. As it won’t let you use most of the software and features of your personal computer too.

So then why do we goto safe mode then?

hmmm. . . . well . . . goto safe mode and then run the virus scan man!

OH! ok . . . why shouldn’t i do the virus scan in normal mode only?

comeon! you just said your computer hangs in normal mode! and other than that there are many viruses which may not let the virus scan software to install or run / scan your computer when the virus is loaded. So you need to login to safe mode to let it run.

Ahan! well. . . how do i goto safe mode then?

Start (or restart) your computer and as soon as the power turns on press f5 key (tap it few times) until you get a menu to select from. It may ask you for various options like safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, etc. Simply chose safe mode (mostly the very first option) and it should work!

3. Restore your computer

If your computer started behaving oddly (or misbehaving infact) after you recently installed any piece of software on your computer, simply uninstall that software or else restore your computer to the previous set point. You can do the restore from the safe mode too (read above on how to start windows computer in safe mode)

4. Reinstall Windows Operating system

This could be one of the options in case your computer files are completely corrupted and is overtaken by the viruses and malware! Make sure you backup your important data before you reinstall your computer.

5. Best option? FORMAT

Obviously the best option is to format all your disk and start again! but there are few problems with it, like:

  • data backup! you need to backup all that data before formatting your system!
  • revirification (ya i coined that term :p) well. . . as your are backing up your data, the viruses may get backed up too! and may possibly come back! so what to do now? well backup minimum of the data, and don’t touch it back or open it until you have installed a decent antivirus on your new and fresh windows operating system!
  • Settings and all software . . man it sucks! –  oh ya! it really does! but if you haven’t got any other option, then you really need to do it . . .all over again, or else hire a professional for that. (I can help you if you are in UK or Pakistan) You can also get remote support! just contact me :)

Hopefully you will be able to fix your computer! do let me know any reviews if you have!

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