Reveal Saved Wireless Key on Windows (xp, Vista, Seven – 7)

So you forgot the password of your wireless network but luckily have it saved on your computer (windows wireless password manager saves password if you chose to save password) while connecting to the wifi network and now need to know the wireless key / password? Don’t worry! keep reading and you will know how to fetch that key back!

One way is to reset your wireless router (linksys wrt54) but that is not a method of choice in lots of situations!

You can find various utilities out there whose purpose is to reveal the saved wireless key. But the one that i found useful in my case is termed as Wireless Key View. You can download the file from the official site here or else you can download the file from our server by clicking here (link not working: ) too (4th january, 2009 file)

This simple utility easily reveals the saved password for windows xp, windows vista and windows seven (7) wireless keys in a very small time!

Actually the password is saved in the registry, so these programs simply read the registry and show the wireless key to the user after decrypting it which is usually fast enough!

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  1. Thanks a lot dear………….none of the activation keys published on all sites works but these softwares provide extremely usefull informations.I have finally activated my version of Windows Seven.

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