Facebook serious security issue- logging into wrong persons profile

Today i was using my facebook account and noticed that while browsing through the social networking website when i goto my homepage it takes me to some one else profile. Amusing initially, but it got irritating.

This is not the first time facebook has given this type of error. Although they had bugs before 20th may, the Draw Muhammad Day which facebook tried to launch pretty well got failed due to Pakistani hackers who hacked into the account and system and also due to political pressure which lead them to apologize officially to the Muslim world. I am not sure if this current sequence of errors in Pakistan (as i am here so i can notice here only) is linked to that event or not. But this is no doubt a serious security issue! I can literally read other persons personal messages and all posts on the wall. Even chat to other persons friend was possible.

Come on! what the hell is this? World’s number 2 website Facebook has so big security hole? Unbelievable! Or are they doing all this intentionally?

Other than this issue in past couple of weeks, we also noticed facebook connection time out error (from Pakistan atleast) alot! seriously ALOT! so much irritating that i now use facebook for necessary purposes only.

Anyone else had same issues with facebook? or any other errors from Pakistan or any other country?

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