Technorati – We could not find a page at that URL

While adding (or claiming) your blog at technorati you may have encountered this error after that special verification process including claim token thing! Although i have added couple of my blogs there manually before but this time i did a mistake don’t know why :s (i faced similar error before too and realized how to fix it – just did it again this time :s)

The error says:

We could not find a page at that URL. Please make certain you have provided a full and correct URL for your blog.

This error is because you entered the domain name without http:// prefix to it (or maybe did anything else wrong with it? just checkout and make sure about it too!)

So the solution to the error while adding / claiming your blog at that they cannot find a page at the url you specified, simply enter the correct url along with http:// to it’s beginning!

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