Upload website to server – using ftp client tutorial

Yesterday, I got an email from one of my friends asking that he has designed a website for himself in dreamweaver, but how to upload it to the web server now? Well, for most of us, this would be a really simple process, but for him and many others it’s not so easy task. This […]

Port 80 issue “This site is running TeamViewer” when running localserver

Teamviewer uses port 80 by default to connect which causes issues with localserver if not configured on any other port. When windows start, teamviewer waits a couple of minutes before it starts listening to port 80. If the port is not taken already by any other application, it starts using it. If the application / […]

What is “502 Bad Gateway” error

The error arises when a server (which is not necessarily a web server, acting as a proxy or gateway to fulfil and forward the request by the user at the client end to access the requested url) received an invalid response from the main upstream server which it accessed to fulfill the client request. So […]

Setup wateen internet device with linksys wifi router

This eid PTCL employees went on a strike and cut off phone lines which affected my landline and broadband dsl associated with it, so i planned to take out the old wateen device and use it till the lines get restored. I use linksys wrt54gr wifi router at my home so that all the devices […]

TP-Link WR740N configuration (ptcl Pakistan)

A friend of mine bought a TP-Link WR740N wireless router recently but was confused about his tp link router setting that how to configure it on local PTCL broadband in Pakistan. Here is simple guide which will work with any other network in other countries too hopefully. If you want to configure your tp-link wr740n wireless network, […]

Dell.com – no more homepage?

Well summer is on it’s peak, i decided to have a peek at the dell’s summer offers and was surprised to see that their homepage is not there. Instead it redirected me to regional contact page. Don’t know if it’s a bug in their website script or did they upgraded their website themselves this way […]

Cloud servers vs VPS and dedicated servers (and which provider to chose)

Cloud servers or vps / dedicated servers . . .it’s all about your requirements, however, one can only chose among the options if he truly knows what each selection as to offer you! Not many people are familiar about cloud servers out there. cloud servers can be configured in a much less time (even in […]

Cheapest and fastest way to clean your Laptop / monitor screen

Well to some people this might seem stupid because in their view there are many products publicized in the market for the similar purpose of cleaning the laptop screen or monitor screen, but believe me there is no cheaper and fastest way to get the dust and finger marks from your laptop screen off within […]

iPad finally out to the public – Fans stood all night outside Apple Store

Apple iPad has finally been released to public. The fans kept waiting outside Apple app store all night before the iPad was made out to them the next day. The iPad was released on last saturday in United States. The mega event was welcomed by millions of fans who gathered in front of apple stores […]

How to know if your Hard Disk drive is failing

Like every component and hardware, hard disk drives also have their life and limitations and they also go into failure and crash. Although they go into failure spontaneously some times too, there are still some signs that may help in getting alarmed before the disk drive crashes so that you can backup the data on […]