Cloud servers vs VPS and dedicated servers (and which provider to chose)

Cloud servers or vps / dedicated servers . . .it’s all about your requirements, however, one can only chose among the options if he truly knows what each selection as to offer you!

Not many people are familiar about cloud servers out there.

  • cloud servers can be configured in a much less time (even in minutes) unlike dedicated servers which need time to be configured and setup
  • cloud servers, as they don’t need separate hardware and software configuration and hours of setup, can be easily rented, even for couple of hours when you are expecting some load on your website, and then cancel your package as the peak is over.
  • cloud servers scaling (both vertical and horizontal) is pretty simple and easy to be done, within minutes, and is easily reversible.

There are many other benefits of cloud computing and using cloud servers. But the important issue is to chose the correct provider for your hosting. Out of several hosts that provide the cloud servers, it shows that is far rich in resources and features. They lead among the list of competitors on several important factors such as managed support, centralized cloud storage, advance dns (forward and reverse dns), elastic ip addresses, intrusion detection system and much more.

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