Accidental click on adsense ad, what to do now?

First thing to do is to calm down and then continue reading this post.

There can be many instances when we click on our own adsense ads by mistake or for fun and then we realize that we did a mistake.If it was just one or two clicks, then don’t worry about it. Although google requires it’s publishers to report any accidental clicks or invalid activity on their account but that don’t count for every once in a while accidental click. Their system is already checking for any invalid clicks or activity on your adsense account and chances are that they will remove those clicks from your total at the end of the month / payment period. So don’t worry if these clicks still show in your earnings on adsense.

Adsense blog says:

As most of you know, our program policies state that publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any reason. For this reason, we’ve received many emails from publishers letting us know that they’ve accidentally clicked on their own ads. If you’re one of these publishers, we truly appreciate the efforts you’ve made to monitor your account and keep it in good standing. However, we do understand that an accidental click may occur from time to time, so there’s no need to contact us each instance this occurs.

Because we closely monitor all account activity using engineering systems and thorough human analysis, chances are we’ve already detected your clicks on your ads and discounted them. While these clicks still show in your reports, we filter out their associated earnings so that advertisers aren’t charged. However, please keep in mind that we don’t ignore the clicks completely; if it appears to us that a publisher has been clicking on his own ads to inflate his earnings or an advertiser’s costs, we may disable the account to protect our advertisers’ interests.

If you’ve been clicking your ads out of interest or to see who was advertising on your site, we strongly recommend using the AdSense preview tool as an alternative. This tool will allow you to check the destination of ads on your page without the risk of generating invalid clicks. You can also find more ways to view the URLs of your Google ads by visiting our Help Center.

So if you had accidental click on your own adsense ads, then don’t panic and let it go. However if this was extensive activity from yourself or some one else, please report it to adsense, before they block your account.

12 comments on “Accidental click on adsense ad, what to do now?

  1. Very detailed information you have there, nice post. It is always good to be careful not to click on the ads too many times. Google doesn’t like that.

    1. clicks should still be avoided properly, and if you need to preview or follow the ads shown on your adsense account use the preview tool to avoid any invalid impressions

  2. Yes Now Adsense is more smart and they reduce the amount of disabling accounts & they also did’nt count invalid clicks and the valid click also appear after processing.

  3. Thanks a lot for this. It actually happened to me just now, that’s why I was searching from Google about accidental clicks, and I came upon your post. I clicked my ad once and I was so angry at myself. The reasons why I accidentally clicked was number one, my slow Internet connection, number two, my busted mouse. Now I’ll find a way to upgrade my net connection and replace my mouse.

    Thanks again. I’d just been relieved.

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