Upload website to server – using ftp client tutorial

Yesterday, I got an email from one of my friends asking that he has designed a website for himself in dreamweaver, but how to upload it to the web server now?

Well, for most of us, this would be a really simple process, but for him and many others it’s not so easy task. This post will guide you through the steps of how to upload a website to the server.

The current scenario was:

  • website created in dreamweaver sent to me via emai in zip format
  • cpanel based hosting (provided by me infact)
  • he already added the domain name to the hosting account

Please note, there can be many different scenarios and ways to do it, however, this post basically resolves his particular scenario and mentions the way I uploaded the files to the server.

So now we proceed to the steps for how to upload the site files to the server.

1. Download, Install and then Run the FTP client

First step is to get a ftp client and launch it. click here to know in detail what ftp clients are and how to use them.

2. Connect using your ftp client

Enter your hosting details in the client connect window and connect.

You need to enter your website domain name in the server, username is usually same as your cpanel login name, and password is the same password for that username too. Simply enter these details and press enter. It will start connecting and will show you a list of files and folders in the right pane once it’s connected successfully.

3. Goto your destination folder on the server pane

Once your ftp client is connected to the server, don’t just start uploading the files to the server. Goto the destination folder in the right pane. Usually if you have added your website as addon domain, the destination folder in the right pane is: public_html/<your website name>

4. Upload your files

Upload your files to the server now and once done, check your website in the internet browser to confirm that the files are uploaded.

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