What are FTP clients and how to use them

FTP means file transfer protocol and ftp clients are the softwares which help people transfer files over the ftp.

FTP clients are simple software, which need three things usually (sometimes four) to connect to the server which include:

  1. server (either your website name or ip address of the server)
  2. username
  3. password
  4. port (not needed to be changed usually)

Once you enter these details and press the connect button, the client connects you to the server and shows the files like it shows your own computer files in a window (see image below)

You can manage your files from a ftp client window like you manage your own harddisk files using windows explorer or file viewer etc. You can upload new files, delete them, rename them, move them, download them and so on.

Which ones are the best ftp clients out there? well I am not sure if this is the particular place to discuss about it as this post is meant to be the very basic intro to the ftp clients.

To start with, filezilla is the best option in my opinion, it’s FREE, it’s SIMPLE and it’s RELIABLE.

To dowload filezilla ftp client click here and select appropriate one from there. Download and install it.

If you need hosting then let me know!

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